Mechanical Engineering

Industry Overview:

Mechanical Engineering is the basic branch of engineering which deal with different types of mechanisms and machines that transfer and transmit energy in various forms. It involves study of various aspects of machines , it’s design , it’s components ,theory behind it and kinetics and dynamics of machines. The work of a Mechanical engineer can be extremely challenging and fulfilling , requiring IT, design and analytical skills together with an ability to work as a team. As the work involves production , transmission and use of mechanical power and heat , they have to analyze the different material used for the machines; investigation the different energy sources and the power they generates and design problem if any. Mechanical Engineer are employed in various industries whose function is concerned with design , manufacturing , maintenance , mining , transportation ,communication ,oil refining , chemical manufacturing , paper , sugar , textile, aerospace, nuclear energy , natural gas production and transmission , construction etc.

Departmental infrastructure:

The department was started in the academic year 2010-11, the department has always remained in the forefront in producing quality engineers/technocrats who brought laurels to the department and institute. Department has excellent infrastructure facilities and resources in the form of modern equipment, faculty, library & references which always prove useful to our UG and to other technical institutes or industries in and around. The under graduate course in Mechanical Engineering was started in 2010 with the intake of 60. The department always strives for the betterment of the student so that they get strength to open up new portal in the Modern Era. Department of Mechanical Engineering has well equipped Workshop and Drawing Hall with all necessary equipment and tools of workshop which are necessary for Fitting shop, Carpentry shop, Smithy Shop, Welding shop and Drawing Models for Drawing hall.

Photos Name Educational Qualification Email-id
 Prof.Atul Tabhane B.E.(MECH),M.Tech(Production Engg.)
Prof.Pritam Hatekar Prof.Pritam Hatekar B.E. (MECH), M .Tech pursuing (Machine designing)
Prof.Rasik Upadhaye Prof.Rasik Upadhaye B.E.(Industrial & Production engg),M.Tech (Industrial), PGDBAs
Prof.Mukul Bhalekar Prof.Mukul Bhalekar B.E. (Production), M.Tech (Machine Design)
Prof. Nilesh Raut B.E.(Mechanical),M.Tech(Mechanical Engineering Design)
Prof. Navin Astankar Prof. Navin Astankar B.E.(Mechanical) M.Tech (Production)
Prof. Rajesh B.Ramawat Prof. Rajesh B.Ramawat B.E.(Mechanical) M.Tech (MED)
Prof. Balasaheb Yadao Prof. Balasaheb Yadao B.E.(Mech), M.Tech(Production Engg.)
Prof.Dhiraj Chaure E.(Mechanical) M.Tech (MED)

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